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Our company was founded in 2004 with the aim of offering outsourcing services for third parties
in the field of electronic product design, mainly in the area of electric power conversion.
We offer standard product and custom product. We also provide technical advice services,
support in electromagnetic compatibility tests and improvements of existing products.


The services offered by our company range from design in its initial stages, with the customer's collaboration at all times, to agree on the required functional, mechanical and regulatory specifications. Without forgetting, of course, the close collaboration with the concurrent engineering in the industrialization phase, in order to optimize the subsequent manufacturing processes of the product, making it feasible and optimal from the point of view of manufacturing and productive cost.

We offer manufacturing services for products designed for those customers who wish, in this way a complete and value-added service is obtained with guarantee, managing and controlling the process, from the moment of raw material entry, until the phase of Packaging and logistics with the final delivery of the product to our customers.
All units are 100% verified following strict internal verification procedures, in order to control and ensure product quality, generating internal use documentation to ensure the traceability of the equipment.


Given the complexity of some equipment, it is necessary to perform analyzes for the CE marking of the same.
From our company we offer technical support, from the preparation of the declaration of conformity, EMC tests, both at precertification level and official certification in laboratories with ENAC accreditation or similar at international level, until obtaining the product certificate.
We provide this service, both for products designed by our company and for others that are not.


We offer technical support in the design of high frequency inductive components, common mode filters, RFI filters for light regulators, transformers for high frequency switched power supplies and inductive elements related to power electronics.

Standard Products

We sell two brands of German origin standard products

Deutronic Elektronik GmbH
Deutronicstraße 5  D-84166 Adlkofen

    Helmholtzstrasse 31 - 33  41747 Viersen

Special Products
We mainly develop energy conversion equipment.
The sectors where our company has a presence are: industrial, electromedicine, electrical, lighting and automotive
DC/DC Converters for Vehícules applications
  • Customer specific Input and Output voltage range possible
  • Customer specific cables and connectors possible
  • Designed acc. to UL583
Synchronous Rectification and Synchronous Diode Bridge
  • Input Voltage of 14Vac to 32Vac or 19Vdc to 45Vdc
  • Output Voltage and Current of 24Vdc and 5A
  • Nominal Efficiency of 92%
  • Possibility of mounting 2 units in parallel to reach
   10A output current
  • Box dimensions (6M) 106 x 90 x 32mm
Standard EN-54-4: Fire Detection and Alarm System
  • Model Certification PSU-245-CH
  • Switching Power Supply with 24Vdc and 5A UPS function

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The great value of our company,
the people who make it up
We are a team of highly qualified professionals
in different disciplines and areas of electronic knowledge.
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Carretera Santa Creu de Calafell, 2
Telf.: +34 936 592 531
Fax:  +34 936 588 889
Monday to Friday
7:00 to 15:00
Technical Dept.
Technical Office
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